Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Seminar 2013-2014 (fall)

Institute for Asian and African Studies

Dept. of  Asian Studies and Dept. of  Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Migrations and Knowledge Transfer in Mongol Eurasia

Prof. Michal Biran

Monday, 1430-1600, Rm 2407

Seminar Program (Fall semester, 2013)

October 14: Introduction

October 28:  Alon K. Orbach: Introduction to the Database's New Version; Migrations in the Mongol Empire.

November 11: Yang Qiao: The Maragha Star Cluster: networks, mobility and knowledge transfer of Maragha astronomers (Invitation, PDF)

November 18: Ishayahu Landa: The Oyirads in Mongol Eurasia (Invitation, PDF).

November 27: Francesca Fiaschetti:"Does ethnicity matter? The construction of otherness under Yuan rule" ( Wednesday 14:30-16:00; Room 5318, Humanities, Asian Studies Seminar) (Invitation, PDF)

December 9: Florence Hodous: Jarghuchis: guardians of Mongol values or agents of cross-cultural cooperation? (Invitation, PDF)

December 23: Yoni Brack (University of Michigan):  Conspirators and heretics: a different view on Ilkhanid succession history (Invitation, PDF).

January 6:  Daniel Zakrzewski: A family of urban notables in seventh/thirteenth-century Tabriz and indications for capital status of the city under the early Ilkhāns – sources and matters" (Invitation, PDF)


Reading materials for the meetings are available at the course's moodle and can be obtained

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