Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Workshop: Science and Technology Transfer in Pre-Modern Asia (2015)

Science and Technology Transfer in Pre-Modern Asia

(organized by The Sidney M. Edelstein Center for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine and

The Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies)


June 10, 2015

(Maiersdorf house, 503, Mt. Scopus Campus)

18:00. Keynote lecture

Dagmar Schäfer (Max Plank Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) - Value and Meaning in Exchange for Cloth: Yuan and Ming Approaches


June 11, 2015

(Rabin 3001, Mt. Scopus Campus)

9:00-9:15: Greetings

9:15-11:15: Panel 1 - The Archaeology of Basic Technologies in Asia

Chair: Yuri Pines (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Jianjun Mei (Needham Research Institute, Cambridge) - The Development of Bronze Technology in Early China and its Eurasian Connection

Anna Belfer-Cohen, Nigel Goring-Morris, Leore Grosman, Erella Hovers (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - From Fint Chip to Computer Chip: Technology and Culture in Prehistory

Gideon Shelach-Lavi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - The Economic and Social Function of Early Ceramic Vessels in China


11:45-14:15: Panel 2 - Scientific Transfer in Mongol Eurasia

Chair: Michal Biran (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Robert G. Morrison (Bowdoin College) - The Mongols and the Byzantine Empire: Astronomy and Astrology

Hadi Joráti (The Ohio State University) - Nasir al-Din Tusi and the Scientific Exchange in West Asia in the Period of Mongol Expansion

Paul David Buell (Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University and Horst-Görz-Institut, Charité Berlin) - Mongol-era Stills: Spread and Impact of a New, Portable Technology with Examples from China, Korea, the Volga and Istanbul

Morris Rossabi (Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University) - The Yuan and Scientific Exchanges


15:30-17:30: Panel 3 – Understanding the World: Science and Technology in Early Modern Asia

Chair: Tony Travis (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Matthew Mosca (University of Washington) - The Challenges of Mapping India: Cartography and Qing Imperial Expansion

Yulia Frumer (John Hopkins University) - Before Words: Reading Western Astronomical Texts in Early 19th Century Japan

Ori Sela (Tel Aviv University) - Texts and Cosmos: Astronomy and its Rationale in Qing China


17:30-18:00: General Discussion

Invitation to the workshop and the detailed program can be downloaded via this link, special invitation to the workshop via this link. The invitations along with proper ID grant entrance to the Mount Scopus Campus: for pedestrians – through all the gates; for cars – School of Education / Beit Maiersdorf parking lot (Via the Faculty of Humanities gate).