Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

International Conference

Mobility and Transformations:New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire

 Joint Research Conference of the Institute for Advanced Studies and the Israel Science Foundation

Jerusalem, June 29 - July 4, 2014

International Conference: Mobility and Transformations: Economic and Cultural Exchange in Mongol Eurasia
(June 29 - July 1 ,2014)
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Sunday, June 29
Panel 1: Modes of Migrations
Chair: Michal Biran (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Discussant: David Morgan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Kradin, Nikolay (Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok) - "Movement of Peoples, Empires, Technologies in  the Mongol Empire:  A View from the  Far East"
Robinson, David (Colgate University) - "Migration and Memory"
Panel 2: Religious Exchange
Chair: Johan Elverskog (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX)
Discussant: Peter Jackson (The British Academy)
Brack, Jonathan (University of Michigan) - "Sufi Ritual and the Mongols: the Sama’ in Ilkhanid Iran"
Panel 3: Rulers and Ruled in Transition: the United Empire and China
Chair: Liu Xiao (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Discussant: Kim Hodong (Seoul National University)
Atwood, Christopher P. (Indiana University) - "Qubilai Qa’an’s Three Confucian Crises"
Panel 4: Poster Session:  Mobility and Transformations (During evening reception)
Arom, O. Na'ama (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - "Our Word" – Foreign Advisers and the Western Diplomacy of the Early Ilkhans"
Gergő Vér, Márton (University of Szeged, Hungary) - "The Provision Orders of the Postal System of the Chinggisid Empire"
Hodous, Florence (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - "Cross-cultural Influences on Law in the Ilkhanate and the Yuan dynasty"
Shurany, Vered (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - "Islam and Buddhism in Mongol-ruled Hexi"
Wright, Eloise ( University of California, Berkeley) -  "Elite Reorientations under Mongol Rule in Dali, Yunnan"
Monday, June 30
Panel 5: Law, Gender and Institutions
Chair: David Morgan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Discussant: Kim Hodong (Seoul National University)
Pochekaev, Roman (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg Branch) - "Törü: Ancient Turkic Law ‘privatized’ by Chinggis Khan and his Descendants"

Haw, Stephen G. (Independent scholar) - "The Semu ren in the Yuan Empire – Who Were They?"

Panel 6: Artistic Media on the Move
Chair: Morris Rossabi (Columbia University and Queens College, the City University of New York)
Discussant: Sheila Blair (Boston College and Virginia Commonwealth University)
Shea, Eiren (University of Pennsylvania) - "Khitan and Uighur Sources of Yuan Court Dress"
Bloom, Jonathan (Boston College and Virginia Commonwealth University) - "The Role of Paper in the Arts of the Mongols"
Panel 7: The Mongol State in Central Asia in Comparative Perspective
Chair: Liu Yingsheng (Nanjing University)
Discussant: Michal Biran (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Blair, Sheila (Boston College and Virginia Commonwealth University) - "The Mongol Muslim Mausoleum - in Iran, Central Asia and China"
Panel 8: Economic Exchanges
Chair: Roman Pochekaev (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg Branch)
Discussant: Peter Jackson (The British Academy)
Yokkaichi, Yasuhiro (Waseda University and Keio University, Japan) - "Fars and Two Iraqs under Mongol Rule: Kish Merchants’ Trade Network in the Indian Ocean"
Pachkalov, Alexander (Financial University, Moscow) - "Numismatics as a Source for History of Golden Horde Cities"
Langer, Lawrence (University of Connecticut) - "Rus’ and the Economic World of the Mongol Empire"
Tuesday, July 1
Panel 9: Science, Wisdom and Knowledge Transfer
Chair: Christopher P. Atwood (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Discussant: Reuven Amitai (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Lane, George (SOAS, University of London) - "The Chinggisids and their Intellectual Jousting Tournaments"
Yang, Qiao (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - "Like Stars in the Sky: Dynamic Networks of Astronomers in Mongol Eurasia"
Panel 10: The Mongols and Maritime Asia
Chair: Valerie Hansen (Yale University)
Discussant: Morris Rossabi (Columbia University & Queens College, the City University of New York)
Segal, Ethan (Michigan State University) - "Yuan Dynasty Policies and Their Impact on Early Medieval Japan"
Fiaschetti, Francesca (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - "Mobility, Tributes and the Foundations of Qubilai’s Diplomacy- The Annam Example"
General Discussion and Concluding Remarks