Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Reports about the international conference in Chinese


Two reports on the research conference "Mobility and Transformations:New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire" were published in the Chinese network.

The first, "Mobility and Transformations: New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire" - The Large-size International Conference organized in the Hebrew University" [“流动与变迁——蒙元帝国研究的新方向”大型国际会议在希伯来大学召开], was written by Dr. Wang Yu 王宇, the head of the Hebrew Program of the Peking University, and published on the official website of the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Zhongguo Hanban 国家汉办).

The second, "Mobility and Transformations: Economic and Cultural Exchange in Mongol Eurasia" - The Organization of the International Symposium" [“移动和转型:蒙古及欧亚大陆的经济文化交流”国际学术讨论会召开], was written by Prof. Delger Borjigin (Inner Mongolia University) and published on the China Mongolian Studies Information Net.