Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Members' projects

Mongolian boy riding, Mongolia 2010
Mongolian riders attacking Jin

Or Amir

Sufis and Mamluks: a Chapter in the Islamization of Palestine

Na'ama O. Arom

"A Bridge to the East": A Study of Ilkhanid Diplomacy

Yoni Brack

Politics of Divine Right: The Cult of Chinggis Khan and Sacral Muslim Kingship in Medieval and Early Modern Iran and Eurasia

Wonhee Cho

Ulama and Sufis in Comparative Perspective: a Comparative Analysis of the Religious Leaders in the Mongols Empire

Soyoung Choi (alumni)

The Ilkhanate and Tibet

Francesca Fiaschetti

Definitions of identity and alterity in the Yuanshi

Matanya Gill

Maritime relations and exchanges between the Mongols and their neighboring civilizations during the late 13th and 14th centuries

Ofir Haim (alumni)

Legal documents and letters – written in both Early Judeo-Persian and Early New Persia

Florence Hodous (alumni)

Legal personnel and institutions in the Mongol empire.

Rachel Hoffmann

The Mamluk city in Bilad al-Sham

Yoichi Isahaya


Ishayahu Landa

The Oirats in Mongol Eurasia: A study of Tribal Mobility

Amir Mazor


Undine Ott (alumni)

The Muslim Cult of Saints and Its Protagonists in Central Asia

Vered Shurany

The Islamization of Ningxia under Mongol Rule: The Life and Times of Prince Ananda

Nicholas Walmsley


Yang Qiao

Astronomers in Mongol Eurasia

Qiu Yihao (邱轶皓)


Wu Hanqi (Uhaanch) (alumni)

Communication among Mongolia--Interior China and the Islamic World between the 12th and the 14th Centuries

Daniel Zakrzewski (alumni)

Making Tabriz the primary royal city of Islamic Iran Urban society, nomadic rule and Persianate political culture from the late Saljuq until the early Safawid period.