Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Seminar 2016-2017

ERC Seminar: 2016-2017 Program
Prof. Michal Biran
Monday, 14:30-16:00, Amnon Netzer Memorial Room, Mt. Scopus Library, 4th floor
Fall Semester

November 7: Introductory Meeting

November 14: Jonathan Brack, "Politics of Divine Right: The Cult of Chinggis Khan and Muslim Sacral Kingship in Medieval Iran"

November 28: Na'ama O. Arom, "Faith in the Hands of the Envoy - Religious Image of the Early Il-Khans in Europe and Tibet"

December 12: Konstantin Golev (Sophia University), "The Cuman-Qipchaq Refugees in the Age of the Mongol Conquest"

December 26: Guy Burak (NYU), "Genealogies of Kanun/Qanun: Attempts in Writing a Constitutional History of the Post-Mongol Period"

January 2: Wonhee Cho, "From Religion to Profession: The Confucian Households (ruhu 儒戶) in Yuan China"; Francesca Fiaschetti, "Conference Report: The Mongols and Maritime Asia"

January 16: Vered Shurany, "Traitors and Conquerors: Reexamining Biographies of the Yuan’s Controversial Commander(s)"


Spring Semester

February 26: HUJI & Berlin's Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Workshop: Movement, Temporality, and Exchange: Animals in Mongol Eurasia
March 5-9: Course of Prof. Judith Pfeiffer (Bonn): Rashid al-Din: Statesman, Historian and Polymath of the Mongol Era (recommended!)
May 17-18: HUJI Workshop: From Meso to Global History of Mongol Eurasia: Regions, Networks, Institutions (Organizers: Yoichi Isahaya and Francesca Fiaschetti)

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