Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Zoominar 2021: Ilkhanid Peripheries (March 12, 14:30)


You are cordially invited to take part in our next HU Mongol Zoominar meeting.

Topic: "Ilkhanid Peripheries, Provinces and Dependencies"

Presenters/Discussants: Zara Pogossian (University of Florence), Sara Nur Yildiz (Berlin), Edith Chen (Princeton and HU)

Moderator: Jonathan Brack (BGU)

Time and Date: Friday, March 12, 14:30 (Israel Time Zone/IST)

For details and Zoom-link, please contact Jonathan Brack ( or Wonhee Cho (

All further information can be found in the attached PDF-file.