Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Touring seminar to Xinjiang, China (2013)


Touring seminar to Xinjiang, China

Michal Biran, Na'ama Arom, Vered Shurany and Qiao Yang took part in a touring seminar of Xinjiang, China (11-28.08.2013). The seminar, led by the teachers of HUJI's Asian studies' department, Profs. Yuri Pines, Gideon Shelach and Michal Biran, and including a group of 40 students and teachers, was a 5000km, 16 days journey along Xinjiang Silk Roads - both northern and southern routes. It highlighted historical and archaeological sites, especially Muslim ones, and also included a direct acquientence with some of the issuses and challenges of  modern and contemporary Xinjiang.

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