Mobility, Empire and Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

Qiu Yihao (邱轶皓)

qiu yihao

Qiu Yihao (邱轶皓)

Fudan University
Department of History

Main Research Topics

1. The history of Yuan Dynasty and Mongol Empire.
2. Comparative of the political institution with the Yuan and Ilkhanate.
3. History of the Central Asia from Mongol Period down to Timurid.
4. Maritime Connection and Culture Exchange between China and Persian Gulf in Pre-Modern Period.


Post-doc: Peking University, Department of Persian Language, 2011-2013, History of Ilkhanate.

  1. Report of Postdoctoral Research: Studies on the History of early Īlkhānate: preliminary research based on Shuʿab-i Panjgāna, Peking University, 2013, 340pp.

PhD: Fudan University, Department of History, 2011, History of Mongols and Inner Asia.

  1. The Political Institution of Mongol Empire (13-14th): Based on the Comparative Studies of the Sino-Persian Documents. (Fudan University), 2011, 245 pp.

MA:  Fudan University, Department of History, 2008, History of Mongols and Inner Asia.
BA:  Huadong Normal University, Department of Chinese literature and language, 2004, Chinese Classic literature.

Occupational Experience

Lectureship at the department of History, Fudan University, Shanghai.

-Introduction to the history of Mongols
-Pre-Modern history of China


Chinese native
English    fluent in reading, writing and speaking
Persian    fluent in reading
Japanese   basic reading skills
German  basic reading skills
Arabic    basic reading skills
Turkish   basic reading skills